Web conferences with meetgreen

Share your screen and content online

How to start your web conference


Log in on start.meetgreen.de with your moderator PIN.


Invite your participants to join the web conference.


Show content online and simultaneously discuss it via audio conference.

Share your Screen

A meetgreen web conference allows you to decide whether you want to share your entire screen with participants or whether you only want to show specific applications. Use the share function and illustrate your points while discussing them during your audio conference.


Switch Presenters

As the moderator of your conference, you can transfer the role of presenter to another participant and enable them to share their screen or applications. You retain the ability to switch presenters whenever necessary.

Invite Participants

You can invite participants to join your web conference without even leaving it. There are two ways to do this: you can generate a direct link with an integrated participant PIN which you can share, or you can simply send an invitation via email.

Additional benefits with meetgreenPlus

  • Including international dial-in numbers
  • Organize conferences with up to 35 participants
  • Including free web conferences

14.90 €

per month/ conference room, plus VAT

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