About Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.

Apotheker ohne Grenzen  –  “pharmacists without borders,” because everybody should have access to health care! Health is a precious thing. We, the German pharmacists without borders help people in need all over the world. We offer pharmaceutical emergency relief and are committed to the improvement of health care provisions in our project countries. We always take the particular demands of a location into account and collaborate with local and international partners.

Use audio conferences to organize help without borders

Because meetgreen knows that social commitment is important, it supports the work of non-profit organizations and offers free audio conferences. Especially organizations which manage humanitarian assistance projects all over the world can save unnecessary travel expenses this way. This includes Apotheker ohne Grenzen whose main goal it is to improve the state and accessibility of health care in international locations.

The planning of international humanitarian projects should not demand unnecessary amounts of time and money in the wrong places. Because of this, meetgreen essentially supports these projects by offering the possibility to communicate cost-free via audio conferences.

Susanne Wesemann, CEO of Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V. decided in 2011 to use meetgreen’s audio conference service: “We are a small, organization with nationwide connections and rely heavily on the voluntary engagement of our members. Thanks to meetgreen we can hold meetings that help us organize our projects well and effectively, even over greater distances and with many participants.”

She is also aware of the financial advantage offered by the conferencing service, “meetgreen helps us to keep our administrative fees low – one example is that we can now hold our board meetings via audio conferences without creating travel costs.”

Additionally to board meetings, project coordination within Germany and training follow-ups are also being settled via audio conferences. The training is meant to instruct and prepare pharmaceutical personell for assignments – they need to be able to provide efficient aid in the case of a major emergency. Because pharmaceutical care missions in project countries need to be planned and organized down to the smallest detail, meetgreen has become an important element within the communication processes of Apotheker ohne Grenzen. With this level of support, the organization can focus on the improvement of access to health care and medicine in worldwide projects.

Apother ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.


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