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As a value-oriented audio conferencing service, meetgreen not only supports ecoconscious communication but also offers ideal conferencing solutions for socially committed organizations – efficiently and free of costs. bärenstark e.V. is one of these organizations and focusses on the work with disadvantaged children. Their aim is to provide children with positive social environments in order to teach them that their skills and interests are important, and that adults can be a reliable source of validation and affection.

Audio conferences with meetgreen: ecoconscious and “strong as a bear”

meetgreen’s main goal is to protect the environment and to offer audio conferences as an alternative to exhausting business trips – either free of charge, or with an affordable dial-in number that donates 1 cent per minute to our current EcoProject.

The association bärenstark has been using meetgreen as a platform since March in 2012 and organizes meetings with board members from all over Germany. bärenstark wants to help children who are in need of mentoring and positive experiences with grownups. These children are given oportunities to improve social skills, discover and build upon talents, and to simply try things. Regional “bases of operation” are helping with advertising, training, matching, and support of these mentoring relationships. Usually, mentor and mentee meet once a week and spend an afternoon together. Their time together can be filled with various activities – e.g. a trip to the public swimming pool, crafting, cooking or baking, or tutoring.  The children’s social skills and confidence are bolstered by new and fun experiences.

“We found meetgreen because one of our board members was looking for an eco-friendly and fair alternative to other conferencing services online,” says Annedore Schmidt, vice president of the organization.

She adds, “We will continue to use meetgreen for our audio conferences because we have had consistently positive experiences. Contrasting other services, we have not had any connectivity issues. Additionally, it is also nice to have our own ‘phone line‘ with a lasting PIN.”

To finance its organization, bärenstark relies on donations and public and private institutional financing. Free audio conferencing by meetgreen is a helpful additional support. Because bärenstark knows how important donations are, each of their audio conferences are held using the donation number 01805-535353 (14 cents per minute by German landline, max. 42 cents per minute by German mobile), thus donating 1 cent per minute to meetgreen’s current EcoProject. This way bärenstark joins meetgreen in their effort to protect the environment.

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