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The BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH (BBB) has been offering technical consulting services in the field of wind energy since 1996. Lobbying on behalf of their customers, the BBB offers world wide assessments, specialized planning services and project development. The BBB is accredited to execute high-quality wind measurements and to generate bankable wind ressource assessments in accordance with DIN ISO / IEC 17025:2005. As an independent consulting enterprise, the BBB is the ideal partner for technical project assessments (Due Diligence) for on- and offshore wind farm projects.

Ecoconscious Interplay: Renewable Energy and Audio Conferences

With a focus on offering ecoconscious and cost-efficient services, meetgreen has been offering its audio conferences free of charge for years. It is an ideal solution for corporations which operate and communicate internationally, but are nevertheless looking to prevent unnecessary business trips. The BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH is one of these corporations which uses audio conferences as a supportive tool for their projects as technical advisors and referees in the field of wind energy. 

An unbeatable combination: To hold conferences free of change and protect the environment at the same time. The BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH shares this opinion and has been using meetgreen’s audio conference services since 2009. The option to connect up to 20 participants makes communication and processes like polls regarding on- and offshore wind farm projects much easier.

“What convinced me, was the simple dial-in tool that makes my job much easier. I think it is great to have the possibility to not only reduce CO2 emissions by giving up business trips for short meetings, but to also to have the chance to support an EcoProject,” surmises Kirsten Grieger positively.

During audio conferences, coworkers, customers, or business partners can decide themselves if they want to use the free dial-in number or instead choose the donation number 01805 – 53 53 53¹ which donates 1 cent per minute to meetgreen’s current EcoProject.

As an ecoconscious corporation, the BBB aims to support their clients and their projects in the field of renewable energy. The BBB advises their customers and oversees the planning and execution of wind energy projects within Germany and all over the world. They offer professional engineer services and portfolio analysis for the development of wind farm projects.

“With meetgreen, we can hold world wide audio conferences with our customers and suppliers – and we have had great experiences using it. The conferencing technology works reliably, saves time and travel expenses, and supports the environment – an important factor for us, which means that everybody profits,” says Joachim Binotsch, CEO and founder of the BBB.

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