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Since 1996, the creative agency Fork Unstable Media consults companies in all areas of digital and mobile communications. Some of their more recent customers include companies such as REDBULL, TUI, and CONGSTAR. Their range of services includes design, user experience, digital campaigning, and e-commerce. In 2011 Fork joined the fischerAppelt-Group. Around 40 employees located in Fork’s Hamburg, Köln, and Berlin offices are developing outstanding solutions in the fields of digital media and strategic brand communications.

Creative and eco-friendly: Fork relies on audio conferences by meetgreen

The Fork Unstable Media agency coordinates digital communication concepts via meetgreen’s audio conference services.

The audio conference service offers the possibility to hold conferences in an eco-friendly and efficient manner. This is ideal for corporations that have to be able to confer about important projects on short notice – which also goes for Fork Unstable Media. The creative agency develops outstanding strategies in the fields of digital media and strategic brand communications and maintains a close connection with its customers.

Superficially, things often seem nondescript, just another part of day-to-day life – however, on second glance even an audio conference service can be more than it seems at first. Roman Hilmer, CEO of Fork uses surprisingly personal attributes to describe how pleasant even the start of an audio conference can be: “At first there is the meetgreen voice, it greets us as soon as we have dialed in – calm, congenial, competent. An especially nice start into an audio conference (and on top of this, meetgreen couldn’t be simpler to use: dial-in, enter your PIN, and here we go!).”

While meetgreen focuses on making eco-friendly communication possible, Fork develops concepts for digital communications. Two processes of communication which go hand in hand. In order to discuss the creative processes with customers, the online agency has been using meetgreen conferences for over two years. This way, new ideas, requirements, and changes can be discussed several times a week in a quick and cross-regional manner.

“Here at Fork, we read books like Remote: Office Not Required, try fluid work models and are split between several locations. We have customers all over Germany and also outside of the country. Audio conferences are a necessary component in this situation. Let’s be honest: audio conferences are like business trips. They have to be done, they make sense, and often they are very exhausting. Why shouldn’t we connect the necessary with the useful? Because “meetgreen” is for audio conferences what “atmosfair” is for business flights. If “meetings” have to be “toxic,” then at least not for the environment. Because long and boring phone appointments are great for the environment – be it within a corporation or between a business and its customers. One more explanation? One more feedback-loop? One more crisis talk? The environment is glad for it!” – says Roman Hilmer, the CEO of Fork. “And if we can do something for mother nature, then we are glad to blab on and explain it another time, even for pre-schoolers.”

Because of this sense of ecoconsciousness, Fork continues to use the donation dial-in number 01805 – 53 53 53¹ which donates one cent per minute to meetgreen’s current EcoProject.

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