About Marfan Hilfe (Deutschland) e.V.

The Marfan Hilfe (Deutschland) e.V. is a non-profit organization that was established in 1991. Its main goal is to directly support people who suffer from the Marfan syndrome or similar disorders and to help improve their situation. The organization’s activities include the explanation of diagnosis, providing public information sites, supporting self-help groups, public relations, the organization of summits and seminars, the publication of pamphlets, and the promotion of research in the field.

Expanding help networks with audio conferences

The Marfan Hilfe (Deutschland) e.V. connects helpers nation-wide via audio conferences by meetgreen. Focusing on eco-friendliness and social engagement, meetgreen’s audio conferencing free service is especially practical for charitable organizations and offers them a cost-effective way to communicate. The Marfan Hilfe e.V. recognizes this, too, and has started to use meetgreen’s audio conferences in order to organize or mobilize helpers and aid, for example.

Volunteers spend their free time helping socially disadvantaged groups or organizations which care for people with incurable diseases. Time is valuable, especially when it could be used to assist gravely ill people who may not have much time left. Non-profit organizations place their entire focus on creating a comforting environment for ailing people – but even this requires planning. Donations have to be collected, invested, and – more importantly – new helpers have to be found. But who helps the helpers? The audio conferencing service by meetgreen acts as a valuable assistant to many chartiable organizations. Thanks to free audio conferences, organizations can communicate without worrying about money, location, or time. The Marfan Hilfe e.V. has been using meetgreen since 2012, e.g. for montly board meetings which also coordinate public relations.

An important aspect of non-profit organizations are the support groups that can be found on site. These groups make up the figurative arm of the organization. Because there are many groups and volunteers in various locations, communication via audio conference is vital. Besides the exchange of information and experiences, it is an important tool in the planning of finding more volunteers who can provide support on site or additional locations. “The meetgreen audio conference has proven to be a very reliable means of communication. It is user-friendly and simple to use, even by people who are not very tech-savy,” says Marfan Hilfe e.V. CEO Marina Vogler.

The procedure is simple: register for free, receive your login information via email, and hold conferences with up to 20 participants. With meetgreen’s audio conferencing service each participant can decide for him- or herself whether they want to instead use the free dial-in number, or use the donation number 01805 – 53 53 53¹ which donates 1 cent per minute to meetgreen’s current EcoProject.

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